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Choosing The Right Color For My Walls

After we moved into our first home, we realized that the color that was on the walls had to go. Although we had initially thought that it was a beige color, the more we looked at it, the more we realized that it had heavy pink undertones. We decided to paint over the color, but we weren't sure how to get started. However, after working with a painter, we had a better idea of what would look nice. He was kind enough to paint a few large patches of color on the walls of our home, and it made a huge difference. This blog is all about working with a professional painter and choosing the right color for your home.


How To Get Better Results When Painting Your Home’s Exterior

21 April 2023
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Painting the outside of a house is a big, time-consuming job. Most people decide to hire a professional to do the work. However, it is possible to DIY your exterior painting job if you have the time and skills necessary to do so. Here are some tips to follow to ensure you get good results and a uniform, attractive appearance.  Wash and Scrape the Home First Don't just grab a gallon of paint and start painting. Read More …

Painting Your Home’s Exterior

24 February 2023
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Painting your home's exterior is an excellent way to improve its curb appeal and protect it from the elements. However, painting the exterior of your home can be daunting, especially if you are a first-time homeowner. How Do You Prepare Your Home To Be Painted? Among the first steps in preparing the house for painting work is to powerwash the exterior of your home to remove any dirt. A power washer will help clean the surface effectively, making it easier for the paint to adhere. Read More …